Call for Submissions! ☆

Hello Hello!

Planet Slate has a treat for you all!

Send us (or tag us on Facebook!) a scanned/photographed copy of any of the two activity pages found in the May section of your Slate Planner and get a chance to win a totally awesome goody bag from Planet Slate and friends!

We are keeping some of the items in the goody bag a secret but we can tell you that included in the items to be won is a P500 Gift Check from Vans, awesome stuff you can use for your travels/summer trips and a chance for an artwork of yours to be featured in the Slate 2012 Planner! Huzzah! Sounds good? Y/N?!

And just in case you don’t own a Slate 2011 Planner (or want to take on this contest in a digital artsy way), we are making the activity pages available for everyone below (Just click on the photo and right click to save ’em!):
Please send all entries by Friday!
We will be uploading all entries on our Facebook Page next week!
Live Creatively | Plan, Push, PLAY~
Captain Slate
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