MAY: Be a Supertramp! ✈

supertramp, n.
Someone who wants to explore new places on foot, car, plane, etc.

The theme for this month is one of my favorites. The idea of wanderlust, discovery, appetite and thirst for something new never fails to make me feel excited! Also it is one of my secret dreams (well, not anymore) to be a NatGeo correspondent and live my life having a more intimate relationship with the world. (Wowza, did I just get cheesy with that line?) Anyhoo, before I drift into a river of wild dreams, let me share with you a list of places to check out and dine in, activities to take a crack at and some more random things to tick off or add to your must-do-list!

Malapascua, Cebu
The Slate Team discovered the perfect getaway for people who love the white sandy beaches of Boracay but hate the thick flock of people coasting around. A trip to Malapascua promises you just that plus a great adventure for the books!

Getting to Malapascua is half the journey. I advise that you should at least possess a character like Richard’s (The Beach) or Christopher McCandless‘ (Into The Wild) to take on a trip like this. Trust that once you get there, the long hours & hassles of your travel will be all worth it. So, here’s how you get there (from Manila):
1. Once touch down in Mactan airport, ride a cab to get to Daanbantayan/Maya bus terminal. There are cabs available once you step out of the airport. It takes a few minutes to get to the terminal.
2. At the terminal, ride a bus to Maya Wharf. We rode a Ceres Liner bus (without air conditioning) which costs P150. The commute will take around 4 hours (I know, I know!). If you’re traveling with a prissy friend and don’t mind shelling out a few more hundred bucks, you can rent a van to get there.
3. Don’t worry when you get to the wharf/dock and see that it looks like the edge of the world. If you find boats, an abandoned-looking shop of sorts, you’re at the right place. At the dock, buy a P30 ticket to get you to Malapascua island. The boat ride is a little shy of 30 minutes.

4. Once you land on Malapascua, your next ride will depend on where you booked your stay. There are available hotels and resorts a few steps away but if you’re in for an Amelie sort of moment, book your stay at Bantigue Cove. Bantigue cove is located at the edge of the island so to get there, you will have to ride at the back of a scooter and pass through tall grass stalks, the local village and ride up and down sloping hills before stopping at a family of coconut trees to brace a short flight of steps that will lead you to the hidden place.

Malapascua will greet you with it’s pristine white beach, rich underwater life and calm charm. Most people go there to scuba dive, see the Thresher sharks and snorkel but lounging about on the beach is no shame at all. When the Slate Team was there, there weren’t any other guests so we got the beach all to ourselves! It’s like a secret place where no one will ever find you.
Anyhoo, I’ll tell you more about Malaspacua in another post (so I don’t do a disservice to the place with the brevity of this entry).

FLOW SurfYogaSamba

The Slate Team discovered FLOW on a random night in San Juan, La Union where they were having their Fourth FLOW Weekend Retreat! The retreat is a unique event of self-discovery that combines 3 leisurely activities -surf, yoga, and samba- the first of its kind in the country!

Surfing will develop your confidence, stamina and ocean awareness. Practicing yoga will develop focus, strength and flexibility. Dancing and creating music enhances sense of well-being and build social skills. The FLOW Surf.Yoga.Samba Weekend Retreat aims to unify the body mind and soul: an experience of a lifetime!

I sure hope we could join their next retreat! The Team really needs an exceptional getaway like this one. We’ll keep you posted!

Learn more about FLOW and their next Weekend Retreat!
For more inquiries and clarifications, you may contact Monica at 0915 2943441
Find FLOW on Facebook!

Wabi-Sabi Noodle House & Vegetarian Grocery
7274 Malugay St., Brgy. San Antonio, Makati
0918 450 1714 |

Since it’s summer and most of us are ‘concerned about minimum intake of calories’ (to be able to wear those suits), it is best to eat at places that offer guilt-free food. Don’t let the word vegetarian scare the carnivore in you! I am a meat-eater myself and once I stepped out of Wabi-Sabi, I had nothing to sing but praises!

Located among the numerous stores at The Collective, Wabi-Sabi describes itself as a noodle house and vegetarian grocery. You can find comfort in the quaint, unassuming space that is decked in wooden chairs and tables and features a simple menu.

For noodleheads, you can choose from three (3) choices: Shoyu Ramen, Viet Pho and the other one I forgot (cause they didn’t serve it that day). The Bahn Mi, a vegetarian sandwich that has Veggie Magic instead of real meat tastes so good you won’t even realize they used a meat substitute! Complete your meal with their pot stickers, milk tea or lemon grass iced tea! More about this on another post!

“The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences~”
-Christopher McCandless, supertramp

Those are all I have for you at the moment! Look out for more posts on things to discover for this May!
Step out f your comfort zone and get lost!
Captain Slate

PS> The Slate team wanted to feature more random, weird and interesting things. Did you notice the slight changes of the blog? For your comments and suggestions, leave a reply or email us at!

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