Weekend Project: Create!

It’s summer!
Oh great, Mr. Obvious.

The concept of summer vacation flew out of the window when I started working. We -working peeps- really don’t have the privilege that most students have and get 2 months off school. Kinda sucks, really.

We do have weekends though! Ahhh, something to look forward to! A light at the end of the tunnel of sorts. Harhar~
So, to make the most out of my weekends, I take on weekend projects! Weekend Projects are easy & simple projects you can complete over the weekend. It should definitely be a DIY project! I mean, if you can’t possibly do it on your own in a span of two days, cross it off your list. It could be an art project, it could be a physical challenge, it could be anything.

The point of weekend projects is to CREATE!
Create something out of nothing, create something interesting, create anything!

For those of you beefing up your artist’s portfolio, why not create some mean TypoGraphics? I made the word create in Photoshop and Illustrator. It even has my favorite word in it, look:

When I finished my typography project, I decided I should make an alphabet version of it!
I should, I really should.
It will look good on my portfolio.

For sporty kids, why don’t you create new friends or join a new team? Football kiddos specifically, you can find football enthusiasts and players at the UP Sunken Garden or at the UST Field on weekends!

Just show up in your gear, strike a friendly smile and play! It sounds easy, cause it is! You might even catch me playing one of these weekends!

We here at Planet Slate know for sure that there is an endless list of weekend projects hiding up there in your noodle! To help you get started on thinking up a weekend projects list, here are some ideas:
Create a weekend movie marathon party! One day to plan, one day to execute!
Start a blog! Don’t just read, write your own~
Paint on your shoes! Customize your own, for the design, your imagination is the limit!
Doodle on a tshirt! Doodle something that you can actually fathom to wear or give away~
Read a short book! Books for early readers are great for a weekend escape!

For weekend projects that you’ve completed and or for better ideas for a weekend projects list, share and send them all at theslateplanner@rocketmail.com! It’s always nice to hear from you!

Captain Slate

PS: HOPpy Easter!

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