Are You Pinteresting?

I do a lot or browsing on the internet. (Sometimes more than I should!)

I usually look for design inspirations, lovely spaces, black and white photographs, weird birds (hahaha), Star Wars items and anything related to Lego! I’d right click copy and save these images on a folder on my computer so I can look back on them when I want to. It would take up so much disk space though so I have to delete some of the images I’ve saved when I do my weekly maintenance.

Good thing I found this amazing website! Check out PINTEREST!

Pinterest is basically a virtual bulletin board. It is a place to catalog the things you love!
The creators believe that Pinterest will change the way millions of people discover the things they love — everything from the clothes they wear, to the recipes they cook, to the places they visit.

How it works is that when you find something interesting as you’re browsing, you pin it to one of your boards! You can label your boards into as many categories as you wish! It’s addicting!

So when you’ve time, open a Pinterest account! It’s such a creative and convenient way to catalog all the cool things you’ve found!

Captain Slate

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