Weekend Project: An Odd Gift Box

I had to wrap a gift for a friend last Friday. I bought her a kooky ring that had two birds on top of what seems to be a sun dial. I didn’t want to give it to her in a plain ol’ box so I made this:

That is a dodecahedron box. A dodecahedron box is a platonic solid composed of twelve pentagonal sides. In simpler terms, it’s 12 pentagons put together. Haha. I had to look for my old Mathemagic book to be able to find the pattern to make this. I first traced the pattern and then transfered it to a black cardboard. It took a while to cut and glue it together but I had so much fun.

Here it is before I fully close it. The two remaining unglued pentagons look like wings of a spaceship!

There’s the ring inside! I placed seafoam green tissue paper so the ring stays upright.

I was so happy when I completed the box. You can do it yourself with a similar pattern that I got off the internet. Just print it out on a sheet of paper or cardboard and assemble away!

Send us photos of your weekend projects at theslateplanner@rocketmail.com and we’d be glad to post them here and at our Facebook Page!

Captain Slate

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