FOUND: Wines & Artisan Chocolates at Mercato Centrale

The Slate Crew went to Mercato Centrale last Saturday at Bonifacio Global City to check out what’s in store this 2011.

Mercato Centrale is a weekend market housed in two main indoor tents where food lovers and curious cats may find organic products from soaps to fruits to furniture in one tent and a whole array of baked goods and amazing food in the other! The open area outside hosts a row of stalls too: monstrous burgers, fish and chips and even bacon ice cream! Mercato Centrale recently re-opened their doors last Friday at midnight to let us all know that they are back in business. We’ve been there before but this time, we’re back on a mission to find new products that should definitely find a home in your bellies.

Theo & Philo’s Kapeng Barako and Siling Labuyo Artisan Chocolates
Theo & Philo’s booth was simple. A table with decks of their chocolate selection and a a sign that says “We are the country’s first and only bean to bar chocolate makers”. We passed by it a couple of times at least 3 as I recall. I didn’t even notice what they were selling until we got stuck in front of their booth. There were a couple of older ladies talking about how good the chocolates tasted. When they left, we couldn’t resist but to sample the chocolates. They had the regulars, Milk Chocolate and 70% Dark Chocolate and then they have flavors like Labuyo, Barako, Green Mango & Salt, Pan De Sal and Pili & Pinipig. Oh my they were so rich! A pea-size bite packed in so much flavor, imagine having a whole bar all to yourself! The Labuyo was such a hit. I just don’t know how anyone could resist that.

Rachebeli’s Mango and Black Plum Wines
Miss Chelo has the best job in the world. She drinks wine with different people throughout the weekend. We were 3 feet away from her booth and her smile just pulled us in immediately. She thought us how to check and see if the wine is of good quality by checking how clear it is, measuring ‘legs’ and then basically savouring the wine. The Mango Wine was paired with this Mango Cream bar while the Black Plum Wine was paired with a Cappucino bar. The experience was spectacular. And oddly enough the wine tasted even better with the chocolates. She also mentioned that the Black Plum wine was compared to the Saturn wine which we just recently found out sells for around P20,000 and the Rachebeli wines sells for only P300. What. A. Steal.

Overall, let’s just say that it was a great day and was at the same time weird because of how the products seem to have found us and not the other way around.

Captain Slate

Mercato Centrale
Open every weekend
6am to 2pm

Theo&Philo Artisan Chocolates
0920 431 5650

Rachebeli Inc. Tropical Wines and Beverages
0922 820 0049
(02) 346 4355


2 Responses to “FOUND: Wines & Artisan Chocolates at Mercato Centrale”
  1. FMakabulos says:

    is Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates an affiliate of the Theo Chocolate Factory ( in the US? their chocolates look the same, the way they display their products is the same, even their flavors. Theo US has a Bread Chocolate and Theo Philo has a Pan de Sal chocolate. thanks!


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