February: A Different Valentine

Why A Different Valentine you might ask? Well, we thought it would be A LOT nicer if a lot more people spent a less gag-inducing Day of Hearts. Seriously, every year, when our calendars turn to February, we see the arrival of red, pink, and baby pink. We see convenience stores hanging up red paper hearts and sticking paper cupids on their glass window, their counters filled with heart and flower thingamabobs; and of course restaurants have their Valentine specials. Couples have a special dinner or go out of town or guys spend money on a bunch of roses.

We’re not saying we don’t want your Valentine to be special; we just want it to be special in a different way – more out of the box, unconventional, going against the grain- to bring excitement and flavor to your yearly celebrations. Why not have a horror movie marathon then turn it into a cuddle fest? Or rock out to heavy metal sounds and see if you’re still in tune with each other? Or visit an art gallery then eat exotic food to spice things up? Or for the single folks, party hard and enjoy being by yourself?

Find love in the different then maybe, you’ll find an exhilaratingly different kind of love~

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