Cheap Thrills: A P35 Black Coloring Book~

Firstly, that is not a racist blog entry title.

coloring book, n.
a picture book with line drawings intended to be colored with crayons by children
a type of book containing line art for a reader to add color using crayons, colored pencils, marker pens, paint or other artistic media

When I was a kid (which I still am btw), I loved coloring books! The smell of crayons got me excited every time. Even when I was already in college, I still loved pulling out a book and have a coloringfest! I just cannot resist coloring in (and out of) the lines and go through the whole book page by page. So y’all would understand why I just had to buy these:

These Black Book coloring books from Crazy Notes are awesome! I haven’t had one like this. Instead of black lines on white paper, this book has silver lines on black paper! I remember in high school it would take me hours of fun writing and drawing on black construction paper with silver and gold pens! At P35 (less than $1) each, these black coloring books are a steal! When I got home that night, I immediately looked for my colored pencils and started with a page. Look:

I cannot wait to show this to the Slate team!

Excited & thrilled,
Captain Slate

PS> These Black Books can be purchased at National Bookstore. There are 6 books you can choose from: Black Book of Witty Cartoons, Black Book of Universe, Black Book of Aqua Life, Black Book of Fairy, Black Book of Pirates & Black Book of Dinosaurs.

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