List of Random Things To Do~

Here’s a longer List of Random Things to Do!
Have you crossed out any of the items below? Things below should be done THIS year!

Also, why don’t you send us your list? Let’s make this longer than it already is!
Send your suggestions on or reply with a comment!

1. Listen to songs you haven’t heard in a long time

2. Learn to play your favorite song on any instrument
3. Buy a canvas, paint
4. Move cocktail hour to lunch! It’ll take the egde off school & or work
5. Leave a “Hello” note on someone’s desk
6. Wear a hat to school/ work (and by hat we don’t mean baseball caps)
7. Join an online contest!
8. Buy a discounted book with a cover that caught your eye! Make it an inspiration for your next sketch/ drawing or painting
9. Host a sleepover for all your dear Friends-Who-Are-No-Longer-Teens but act like one
10. Next time you go to an event/party, buy a disposable camera and take choice shots with it. Disposable camera shots produce lomo-like pictures!

11. Take the longer route when you walk back to school after having lunch
12. Watch the sunset
13. Post a link to a charitable institution’s website or fanpage
14. On your birthday, be sure to eat birthday noodles fo longer life!
15. Look for your kindergarten bestfriend or bestfriend in first grade and say hi!
16. Buy a foreign magazine
17. Start a new collection: It could be posters, interesting paper/ stationary, pens, coins
18. Re-style an old tee
19. Take a photo of everything you own just like Simon Evans! Look:

20. Schedule a room redesign! It could be on a small scale: change your light fixture or re-arrange the items on your desk
21. Paint a river rock (send photos of your rock to
22. Redesign an old shoe: paint it, draw on it, put stickers on it!

Check out snazzy customized pairs at PAART One of a kind hand painted shoes!
23. Change your shoe laces!
24. Make Beersicles! Or Beercubes! Put beer in a popsicle mold/plastic cup, place popsicle stick, freeze.
25. Make Skittles Vodka! Learn how to make them, HERE.

26. Solve Math Problems
27. Stare at the wall for 60 seconds and then tell yourself, “I’ve wasted one minute of my life”
28. Become a star in your own movie.
29. Sell isaw to your neighbors.
30. Paint your room red.
31. Ride a three-hour bus ride to Tagaytay.
32. Create your own cocktail drink! How about Fruitella Vodka? Y/N?
33. Eat “betamax” (cubes of chicken blood). Tastes best with vinegar!
34. Swim in a river. Don’t forget to pass through the waterfalls!
35. Take a picture of yourself with a rainbow.
36. Scrub the bathroom floor. Include the toilet bowl, too!
37. Grow a mango seed
38. Secretly send flowers to your crush
39. Dress like you’re from the opposite sex
40. Eat cotton candy with your dad
41. Play marbles with your friends
42. Melt your crayons and mold it into your favorite shape

43. Join a pilgrimage
44. Stand on the roof of your car
45. Grab a slice of BSA (Beats Sex All Day) cake in Gayuma!
Gayuma Ni Maria is located at 123 V. Luna Extension (Maginhawa St.) Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.
Call 0921-6818989 or e-mail
46. Kiss your parents goodnight
47. Start a pillow fight
48. Randomly sing with a band
49. Sleep in your room naked
50. Enjoy a warm bath in a bath tub

It only gets more Kreativ from here!

51. Invent your own words and assign specific/secret meaning for them. Share to your friends and create your own lingo. Try registering it with Webster!
52. Break a record. Try for fastest typer, slowest eater, shortest bath-taker. Document and email to Guiness!
53. Enroll yourself in a basic skills/knowledge class. Helpful ones are cooking, sewing, car mechanics, or speed reading.
54. Clean out your room and closet, hey even your siblings’, heck try your parents and charge them a minimal fee. Then, sell the unneeded thing in a garage sale!
55. Sit with your parents and chat them up on what they were known for when they were young. This will surely be an interesting hour.
56. Recite multiplication tables 1-10 twice.
57. Keep a blog or a diary and try to jot down something interesting you witness, or a food for thought you pick up every day.
58. For 15 minutes every day, just close your eyes, focus on your breathing, feel your body. A little meditation goes a long way.
59. Make up a cool beat with your classmates or officemates, like Mr Frear’s ears or those cool a ca pella groups no matter how foolish you may all sound.
60. Buy an expensive candy from candy stores and give it to the next streetchild who knocks on your car door. Give someone a taste of harmless indulgence or heaven, even if they rarely experience even the basics.
61. Dance all you want in front of the mirror or in front of a trusted friend for a minimum of three songs. Feel all the endorphins rush in, either through the movement or due to the uncontrollable laughter elicited from either party.
62. Ask someone to hold up and play arithmetic flashcards with you again. Hopefully, you’ll see the difference next time you examine a receipt.
63. Compose your own cellular phone graphics or those tacky quotes and send to your whole phone book. Smells like the 90’s!
64. Buy a new boardgame, learn it and play it. Hold board game night with your family or friends!
65. Wake up early one weekend morning and go to a “palengke”. Surprise good finds surely await!
66. Go to a perya. Blend in. Have fun!
67. Ride the MRT or LRT from end to end.
68. Spot some cute fountains, throw some coins and make some wishes.
69. Make your bucket list, no matter how young you are. As Morrie in “Tuesdays with Morrie” stated, once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.
70. Read and understand 10 words in the dictionary every day. You’ll be a genius by the time you get your Slate 2012!

71.    Ride the MRT
72.    Have something pierced (a body part!)
73.    Support a charity or a good cause
74.    Try spending a day without your cell phone
75.    Go to the zoo and try to name all the animals (without looking at the nameplates!)
76.    Plant a tree
77.    Build a fort using pillows and sheets
78.    Drink tea instead of coffee during break time
79.    Buy a random friend a gift just because
80.    Paint your face (please use face paint)
81.    Give your mom flowers 9when was the last time you did that?)
82.    Have a mini swap-meet with your friends- Exchange clothes or accessories.
83.    Drink wine and eat cheese
84.    Do the groceries for the house
85.    Record all your thoughts for the day using a tape recorder or even your phone and then listen to it at the end of the day.
86.    Buy a hoola hoop and have a contest with your friends.
87.    Start a journal… or a memoir!
88.    Try going vegan even just for a week or two.
89.    Hold a board game night.
90.    Buy someone a healthy lunch.


That’s it for now! Will update this list when I can!

Captain Slate

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