A Slate Manual : Just In Case

Just in case you’re wondering what some of the pages are for, here’s a sort of explanation to what some of them are:

2011 holidays mostly fall on the weekends so really, they’re more like regular weekend days with proper names. Har har.

A yearly spread of blanks to fill in with events, film fests, vacations, stay-cations, “sick leaves” and or any next hurrahs you want to take note of.

You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
Here’s a birthday planner spread to remember birthdays of the people in your life that matter.

And it was all Yellow…and may be Blue
Color-in the countries you’ve been to in yellow and those you want to go to in blue. Personally, I’d color them most blue.

Monthly Dashboard
The Slate planner has a spread before each month. On the right is a calendar on which same page you will find the “theme” for the month. The left page is a pool of randomly suggested restaurants, activities, places, festivals, quotes and movies that are related to the theme.

Fun Inserts
There may be two or more inserts for each month of the year. These inserts range from ice cream party recipes to color-in and sketch-in pages! All your awesome artworks can be submitted to theslateplanner@rocketmail.com We will post the most interesting works at planetslate.wordpress.com!

So, here’s to making the most of your little squire, the Slate planner!


Captain Slate

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One Response to “A Slate Manual : Just In Case”
  1. becky says:

    the page with the mustache and eyeglass cutouts have dates
    at the back. if we cut out the cut outs, we can’t write on the dates
    at the back 🙂


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