Maraming Salamat!

And now, we believe a few credits are in order. ☺

First of all, we at Planet Slate would like to thank all of you who got their copies of the Slate 2011 Planner.

You don’t know how much it means to us.

Your contented faces, your compliments, your appreciation and your comments and likes on Facebook erase all the hardships and sleepless nights we went through in pursuing this project. You make it all worth it, all you who patronized us, dear fans, friends, buyers, resellers.

Secondly, to all our friends and family who have helped us sell and promote our product, for those who believed in us when we took for granted the faith we were always supposed to have in ourselves, THANK YOU.

Third, for all the curious bloggers and open minds, the artists by heart or just the purely kind souls who gave us a chance by liking our page just to see what we had in store, giving time to check out our site, listening to the art and creativity we wanted to live out, THANK YOU, for giving us the time of day, for listening, being on the receiving end. They say that the greatest need of the human heart is to be listened to. Thank you for supplying us with this basic, great, yet oft too undervalued need.

Fourth, for all the establishments, entrepreneurs, wise men we got sayings from, all the writers and artists, movie producers, compilers, everyone whom we featured in one way or the other; and all those who are living archetypes of the creative-artsy-quirky lifestyle (be it in a noticeable or modest way), THANK YOU for the inspiration you have given us to create this microcosm of sorts that encapsulate a paradigm that is unique yet unites us all in some great way.

All of you have inspired us to dream of great things; pushed us when the road was steep and rough and bloody; sustained us when we were dry of imagination and inventiveness; and ultimately helped us finish this project that is a <shared> triumph in more ways than one.


The Slate Team

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