7 Days to Go!

Hello there!

We here at Planet Slate kinda took a long cut in terms of the process of printing the planners.
We wanted to make sure that all the pages (in terms of the layout) are in correct order before getting them printed and baked. Yup, in off-set printing, the pages are baked! (Ain’t that a cool tidbit of info you can take from this? Y/N?)

So, please hang on tight as we polish our RULES & TERMS of PAYMENT and ORDER PLACEMENT.
If all goes well, First Shipment of planners will be on Saturday or Sunday!

For QUESTIONS and or CLARIFICATIONS, (Please text only ONE (1) of the numbers below):
GLOBE 0917 8382675
SMART 0920 945 0135
SUN 0922 8400383

Wishes & Cheers,
The Slate Team

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