Slate Planner Pages ミ★


Take a look at some pages of The Slate Planner!
My nifty team and I took the time and thought a lot about a young spunky creative creature like you when we were making this planner.

We’ll be pre-selling these babies in a few days, so for the meantime, sit back, browse through your space goggles and share the news that The Slate Planner has finally landed!

Let these Monthly Dashboards greet you!
We’ve a theme every month and all Slate Recommendations, clever quotes and quirky facts can be found at the left side of the spread.

Your Week On a Page!
You’ll find little notes from quotes to movies-to-see to incredibly cool websites that you all can check out when you’re not to busy ruling the world. Expect creative challenges here and there!

Filler Randoms!
Aside from all the unusual-usuals, The Slate Planner included some creative tasks, color-in spreads, ice cream party recipes and artsy activities you can find in the planner! We’re setting up this site for you to share online what you did in some of the pages of your Slate!

We hope these teasers struck a liking with you!
You can reach me at or leave us a message!

May the force be with all!

6 Responses to “Slate Planner Pages ミ★”
  1. M says:

    Hey do you have any pictures of the planner’s exterior/cover? Thanks!


  2. PAM MAGBITANG says:

    where can i buy the planner? and how much? thanks!


  3. faith says:

    is it still available?


    • Hi, Faith!

      We’ve a few planners on hand. 🙂 Let us know if you’re getting a copy!
      Contact any of the following numbers:
      SMART 0922 840 0383
      GLOBE 0917 8382675
      SUN 0923 331 0655



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