July 2011 | Hard Digestives

07 July

(Cliché alert!) Oh how time flies! Now that half of the year is over, would you consider having spent the first half as productive as you would have liked? I have met a lot of people in their early 20s and one of the many things that concern them is if they have done something … Continue reading

☛ Applehead Tattoo

05 Inksanity

For some people, getting a tattoo is serious business. Come to think of it, getting something permanently inked on you is serious. Unless it is totally okay with you to wake up to an arm inked with a rainbow-pooping&smiling-unicorn while cupcakes and sprinkles sprout out of nowhere, then, getting a tattoo is not that big … Continue reading

Found: Bunker Bob’s!


3 weeks ago, a new restaurant opened in Subic! Decked in what seem like seaweeds as the ceiling, old jet fuel drums as the bar structure, and exposed beams of former army cabins, Bunker Bob’s interiors is as good as their grub! Bunker Bob’s is headed by Italian Chef Paolo. They serve Italian, Mexican and … Continue reading

MAY: Be a Supertramp! ✈

May TravelExploreEat

supertramp, n. Someone who wants to explore new places on foot, car, plane, etc. The theme for this month is one of my favorites. The idea of wanderlust, discovery, appetite and thirst for something new never fails to make me feel excited! Also it is one of my secret dreams (well, not anymore) to be … Continue reading

APRIL : Screamin’ for Ice Cream!

April Cover Story

How awesome is it that Google had this on their homepage yesterday: Very apt for this month’s theme: Cool Off. Cool off can mean different things to different people. For one, cool off could simply mean that you need a break from whatever: five minutes from writing that college essay application, five days off from … Continue reading

Are You Pinteresting?

Pinterest Cover Story

I do a lot or browsing on the internet. (Sometimes more than I should!) I usually look for design inspirations, lovely spaces, black and white photographs, weird birds (hahaha), Star Wars items and anything related to Lego! I’d right click copy and save these images on a folder on my computer so I can look … Continue reading

FOUND: Wines & Artisan Chocolates at Mercato Centrale


The Slate Crew went to Mercato Centrale last Saturday at Bonifacio Global City to check out what’s in store this 2011. Mercato Centrale is a weekend market housed in two main indoor tents where food lovers and curious cats may find organic products from soaps to fruits to furniture in one tent and a whole … Continue reading

Cheap Thrills: A P35 Black Coloring Book~


Firstly, that is not a racist blog entry title. coloring book, n. – a picture book with line drawings intended to be colored with crayons by children – a type of book containing line art for a reader to add color using crayons, colored pencils, marker pens, paint or other artistic media When I was … Continue reading

Try This: IncrediBox!

Incredibox Screen Shot

This January, Slate pushes for everyone to try something new! For starters, try your skills in creating a cool beat with Incredibox! Let us know how you fared! LIVE CREATIVELY. Captain Slate


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